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IOC and WADA react to ruling

In response to the decision, an IOC spokesperson said:

“The IOC welcomes the fact that the CAS ruling provides clarity in this case, and the athletes from the team figure skating competition at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 can finally get their medals, for which they have been waiting so long.

“The IOC is now in a position to award the medals in accordance with the ranking, which has to be established by the International Skating Union (ISU). We have great sympathy with the athletes who have had to wait for two years to get the final results of their competition.

“The IOC will contact the respective NOCs in order to organise a dignified Olympic medal ceremony.

“This case, and its circumstances, are further proof of the need to address the part played by the athletes’ entourage in doping cases. This is even more important if the athletes are minors, who are even more reliant on their entourage.”

WADA said in a statement: “The doping of children is unforgivable. Doctors, coaches or other support personnel who are found to have provided performance-enhancing substances to minors should face the full force of the World Anti-Doping Code.

“Indeed, WADA encourages governments to consider passing legislation – as some have done already – making the doping of minors a criminal offence.”

Event results changed

The CAS statement noted: “The consequences linked to the retroactive disqualification of Ms Valieva from past events, including from the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, were not within the scope of this arbitration procedure and will have to be examined by the sports organisations concerned.”

That meant the International Skating Union, which oversees the sport of figure skating, was left in charge of establishing the final rankings for the affected events.

It has now decided that her individual results will be disqualified, meaning all women’s singles skaters at Beijing 2022 who originally placed fifth or lower now move up one spot.

Additionally, her results in the team event are now excluded from the final score, promoting USA to first place and Japan to second. The ISU chose to only remove Valieva’s results, meaning ROC’s other skaters obtained enough points to finish third, with all other teams staying in their respective positions.

The other event affected is the 2022 ISU European Figure Skating Championships, which took place in January 2022 and Valieva had originally placed first in. Her teammates Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova are promoted to gold and silver, with Belgium’s Loena Hendrickx receiving bronze.

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