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The USA TODAY Sports Men’s Basketball Coaches Poll is conducted weekly throughout the regular season using a panel of head coaches at Division I schools. The panel is chosen in consultation with the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The voters represent each of the 32 Division I conferences that receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Each coach submits a Top 25 with a first-place vote worth 25 points, second place 24, and so on down to one point for 25th.

Schools Dropped Out

No. 22 Memphis; No. 23 Colorado State;

Others Receiving Votes

San Diego State 67; Ole Miss 57; South Carolina 46; Gonzaga 38; Memphis 26; Northwestern 23; Colorado State 14; Indiana State 13; Texas 11; Grand Canyon 9; Saint Mary’s 5; Virginia 4; McNeese State 4; App State 4; Seton Hall 2; Cornell 2; Princeton 1;

List Of Voters

The USA TODAY Sports Board of Coaches is made up of 32 head coaches at Division I institutions. All are members of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The board for the 2023-24 season: John Becker, Vermont; Randy Bennett, Saint Mary’s; Jeff Boals, Ohio; Kevin Broadus, Morgan State; Scott Cross, Troy; Scott Drew, Baylor; Matt Driscoll, North Florida; Dan Engelstad, Mount St. Mary’s; Greg Gary, Mercer; Ron Hunter, Tulane; Ben Jacobson, Northern Iowa; James Jones, Yale; Greg Kampe, Oakland; Brad Korn, Southeast Missouri State; Robert McCullum, Florida A&M; Greg McDermott, Creighton; Nick McDevitt, Middle Tennessee; Niko Medved, Colorado State; Dan Monson, Long Beach State; Chris Mooney, Richmond; Darris Nichols, Radford; Nate Oats, Alabama; Matt Painter, Purdue; Brett Reed, Lehigh; Patrick Sellers, Central Connecticut State; Mark Slessinger, New Orleans; Steve Smiley, Northern Colorado; Craig Smith, Utah; Zach Spiker, Drexel; Brett Tanner, Abilene Christian; Jeff Wulbrun, Denver; Mike Young, Virginia Tech.

Helpful Info

*The highest and lowest ranking each team has held during the designated season. Any team that starts the season unranked and/or falls out of the top 25 during the season will reflect a “NR” (not ranked) designation as its lowest rank.

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