Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

PwC’s has released its 11th annual Sports Industry Outlook released, featuring playbooks and articles covering the latest in trends and predictions about the sports industry for the coming year. From league expansion to AI-driven fan experiences to new trends in sports consumption, PwC projects that 2024 is going to be an exciting year for the industry.

Some of the key topics in this year’s report include:

Sports valuations are on the rise
Attracting fans and investment –– it’s game on for women’s sports
Beyond game day — Entertainment districts are revolutionizing fan experiences
From screen to stadium: How sports stories are boosting engagement
The big gamble: Seismic moves in sports betting
NCAA Division I realignment makes for a wild ride
From underdog to MVP: Soccer is on the rise in the US

Artificial intelligence — The MVP for personalizing sports

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the sports industry by enabling personalization for fans at scale. From ticket buying to halftime snack delivery, AI-driven capabilities can elevate fan engagement, increase fan loyalty and boost revenue. But organizations should design these exciting new experiences while also prioritizing responsible AI practices and sound data governance. Read the playbook

Streaming the game: How the rise of digital platforms is changing sports consumption

The rise of streaming services and direct-to-consumer (DTC) sports consumption is transforming how people watch sports. As traditional regional sports networks (RSNs) face challenges, leagues and teams are adapting by exploring over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting, creating their own DTC streaming platforms, and partnering with streaming organizations. Discover how this new era of sports consumption is changing the game for sports viewership and the strategies organizations are adopting to succeed. Read the playbook

Game-changing moves: How league expansion is unlocking growth opportunities in sports

League expansion is thrilling for fans, and it also presents significant growth opportunities for the sports industry. From the NFL’s potential European expansion to the NBA’s consideration of domestic and international teams, leagues are eyeing new markets and larger audiences. Get ready for the future of sports as leagues tap into new territories and unlock new growth potential. Read the playbook


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