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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – The coaching staff for the Wayne boys basketball team is using the sport as tool for life beyond the court.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services there are a lot of benefits of having your kids in sports. This includes improved life skills, empowerment, high levels of academic achievement, just to name a few.

The basketball coaches over at Wayne believe that’s only a snippet of what sports can do for these young men.

Basketball is game of made shots and misses. Coach Greg Patterson that life isn’t much different.

“Basketball to some of these guys come natural, but if you don’t have the mental aspect of it. If you are not willing to continue to learn, to continue to grow as a young man first, then no sports are for you. Coach. I think mentorship is 90% of it. Use basketball as a tool. It’s a tool to teach you leadership, teamwork, camaraderie. These are things you take into the work field, your relationships. That’s just what we attempt to teach our young men.”

There are two young men on the team who now see a path for a life beyond the court.

Kharrington Terry is a senior at Wayne. His uncle, Jeron Lewis, was a University of South Indiana Men’s Basketball player who tragically died after collapsing during a game back in 2010. Terry says he plays the game to keep his uncle’s memory alive in the family.

“My uncle actually he passed away and he played basketball, so it was kind of my motivation to get out on the court.”

Preston Comer is a Junior at Wayne. He says before he was introduced to the team, he was going down a bad path. Comer says the people around him at the time weren’t people he wanted to look up to.

A dedication to the game. Shaping more than just the type of player they become, but also the “type” of person.

Something they always and forever stand by..

“We over me.”

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