Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

NEW YORK — New Yorkers rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs or the Baltimore Ravens don’t have to travel too far to join other fans to watch the upcoming AFC Championship game.

CBS New York’s Kristie Keleshian met two bar owners supporting each team as they prepare for the game, which will air Sunday at 3 p.m. on CBS2.

Josh Bowen, owner of John Brown BBQ in Astoria, Queens — also known as Chiefs Kingdom, says it’s been “a magical ride so far.”

Not only for the football team in recent years, but for Bowen’s business, and he has one person to thank — the Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who’s helped his team boost in wins and popularity.

This Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Ravens is expected to draw such a big crowd at Bowen’s Chiefs bar and restaurant, he has to sell tickets in advance.

“Thank you, Patrick Mahomes, for making us really good at knowing how to cater AFC Championship games,” Bowen said.

If there’s anywhere in New York City where you’ll find a Kansas City Chiefs mural, it’s at John Brown BBQ.

Bowen is from Kansas City.

“This is kind of one of the ways to preserve my culture. Great barbecue is Kansas City culture,” he said.

Midtown’s Mustang Harry’s will also be packed, full of Baltimore Ravens fans.

“We’re fully booked,” co-owner Ian Conroy said.

The bar will even have a special Baltimore-themed menu to mark the occasion.

“We have the Maryland crab cakes, we have the Old Bay French fries, things like that,” Conroy said.

Mustang Harry’s has become a nest for Ravens fans in recent years after a group asked to show their games, and it’s caught on since, which means a lot to Conroy, who immigrated from Ireland in the ’80s.

“Baltimore people, they’ve migrated … There’s a relationship, yeah, you’re away from home, just like I am, so I can relate to that,” he said.

Whether the Chiefs or Ravens make it to the Super Bowl after Sunday’s game, their fans can celebrate in the Big Apple and still feel at home.

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