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BRISTOL — As the St. Paul Falcons transitioned from their varsity wrestling matches to their junior varsity matches on Wednesday night, the Falcons stopped to pay homage to their lone senior captain Mallory Sefick.

Sefick, a well decorated wrestler who placed second in the Girls CIAC State Tournament last season, has been a bright light for the Falcons wrestling team. Not only has her dedication to the sport allowed her to find success across the state, but her leadership has also given her teammates a positive example on how to train and lead.

During the brief ceremony between the matches, her teammates stood in a line and each took a moment on the microphone to explain what she meant to them. Some of her teammates spoke about her toughness and edge and others spoke about their personal friendship.

One teammate said as much as Sefick is like a sister to him.

Sefick said it meant a lot to her to hear all of the things that her teammates said. She said it was a great feeling knowing what they had been through together and how they have always been there for each other.

“It was phenomenal,” Sefick said. “I had a rough patch junior year and my only steady going thing was my team especially Keegan [Hill] and Mason [Pachica]. I love my newer ones Dominic [Martin], Owen [Graven], Elliott [Anderson], Alejandro [Ojeda]. I would not be in here doing what I do without them.”

When Sefick began wrestling she said it was a good feeling to be the first girl and to bring some recognition to the sport that women could wrestle too. She said when she was elected the first female captain this season it just lit a bigger fire underneath her to stay motivated and to stay determined.

However, her parents, Stacey and Joe Sefick, had to get their initial nerves out when they first began watching her take the mat.

They said during her first match ever they mentally prepared to see their daughter get knocked down on the ground by a much bigger person. However, Mallory Sefick actually won that bout and has been steadily getting better ever since.

Stacey Sefick said it’s wonderful to see the recognition the rest of the team and her coach gave Mallory Sefick on Wednesday because of how much she adores her team.

“She thinks a whole bunch of her coach and her teammates. She loves wrestling,” her mother said. “It’s her favorite time of the year and she just loves all the guys in the gym.”

Her parents noted that she often takes on the strongest wrestler of the opposing team, who is also typically bigger than her, but it doesn’t phase her. They said that’s quite how she is in real life in the way she overcomes adversity.

The way Mallory Sefick wrestles is a true representation of her character.

“We always said she has a core of iron and this just proves it,” Stacey Sefick said

Mallory Sefick’s character has always been front and center whether it’s with new teammates or with a new coach. Last season, coach Liam Stanford became the new coach for the Falcons wrestling team and as he puts it, he came in blind.

He said Sefick did a great job at making sure he felt welcomed.

“She never complains. She never backs down. She always gives it a 100 percent,” Stanford said. “She really sets an excellent example for her teammates and is just genuinely a sweet kid. We’re really blessed to have her on the team and I’m blessed to coach her.”

As the regular season winds down and the postseason creeps up, Sefick and the Falcons will prepare for another state title run. She said while the season has had its ups and downs it has overall been a good season.

She said her eyes are set on a state title.

“I’m going for first place,” she said. “I’m going to be unstoppable.”

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