Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

The won’t meet in a Super Bowl again. They could meet in the playoffs, in any year. They will meet in the regular season next year.

The schedule rotation has the teams of the AFC North playing the teams of the AFC West in 2024. That means the Chargers and Jim Harbaugh will host the Ravens and John Harbaugh.

They met once in the regular season during Jim’s four years with the 49ers, a Thanksgiving night 16-6 Ravens win in 2011. They could, in theory, meet every year.

Beyond the possibility of crossing paths in the postseason and in addition to the every-third-year divisional rotation, if the two teams finish in the same position in their respective divisions, they’ll play the next year.

While not nearly as awesome as twice per year in the same division (that would have happened if Jim had accepted a trade to the Browns in 2014), it will be good enough. Both are great coaches. And it’s about time that Jim is back in the NFL.

For this year, how about Ravens at Chargers on Thanksgiving night?

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