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Word came down last week that an iconic brand in the lives of many sports fans, Sports Illustrated, would be laying off most and possibly all of its staff.

First published on Aug. 16, 1954, the magazine is in jeopardy of making its 70th birthday.

Authentic Brands Group bought Sports Illustrated in 2019 and had an agreement with The Arena Group to publish it in print and digital. When The Arena Group missed a $4 million payment less than a month ago, the licensing agreement was terminated. This followed Sports Illustrated having laid off 30% of its workers after the last sale andbeing accused of publishing AI (Artificial Intelligence) articles with fake names and biographies attached.

Authentic Brands Group has said the brand would continue and Sports Illustrated senior writer Pat Forde has also published that it would continue.

Several central Ohio sports memories have graced the cover. The following is not all-inclusive but is a reasonable sample of Columbus-area sports news from SI’s inception in 1954 to now.

Ohio State football

Given their success, it’s no surprise that Buckeyes football players have been featured on many covers.

Ohio State basketball

The Buckeyes’ basketball teams have been featured.

Ohio State athletics

The Ohio State athletic program as a whole was featured in 2007

And Ohio State swimming

And, of course, the band

Jack Nicklaus

Golf’s greatest champion, who was raised in Upper Arlington and attended Ohio State, was on the SI cover numerous times.

Tom Weiskopf

Former Ohio State golfer Tom Weiskopf graced the cover in 1973.

Frank Howard

Former Ohio State two-sport star Frank Howard was featured in 1964.

Simone Biles

Columbus native Simone Biles has been on the cover three times.

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