Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

NORTH CAROLINA — A date has been set for mobile sports betting to launch in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Lottery Commission confirmed Wednesday that betting will launch at noon on March 11.

The first sports bets can be made on mobile devices. In-person wagering will follow on a case-by-case basis, officials said.

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The rollout will happen just in time for the ACC men’s basketball championship on March 12 and March Madness, which begins on March 19.

People can create accounts as soon as March 1.

The Lottery Commission said it is in the process of reviewing nine applications for betting operators.


The sports betting bill passed in summer 2023 but its taken several months to launch. In the months since, the commission has done mostly back-of-the-house work.

According to Sports Betting Committee Chair Cari Boyce, in that time, officials have hired a deputy executive director to lead the gaming organization, added legal and licensing staff, hired a gaming firm to help with testing and certification, approved a first set of rules, launched a website and approved the application for licenses and wagering catalogs.

(WATCH BELOW: Mobile sports betting won’t be legal in NC by Super Bowl, progress being made)

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