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Every year, the world’s top display manufacturers debut their latest and greatest TV models at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV.This year’s CES was filled with many impressive new TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, TCL, and more.From a gorgeous bezel-less 8K QLED to 4K OLEDs that can hang on your wall like a piece of art, these are our picks for the very best TVs featured at CES 2020.You can also check out the best products of CES 2020 overall, for home and kitchen, for computing, and more on Insider Picks.

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CES 2020 has had no short supply of absolutely incredible displays. All of the major players in the TV market have demoed their upcoming lineups for the year, spotlighting their latest advancements in picture quality and smart TV connectivity.    

For 2020, companies have come out in full force for 8K, with more new 8K TV models than ever before. 8K displays offer four times the total number of pixels found on traditional 4K Ultra HD TVs. Though actual 8K videos are still rare, these new 8K TVs all feature advanced upscaling capabilities, allowing them to enhance all the Full HD and 4K content we currently watch on streaming services and discs.

Whether that enhancement will be enough to justify the added expense all those pixels are sure to cost, however, will come down to your performance needs and budget.

Thankfully, TV manufacturers aren’t turning their backs on good old 4K just yet. Far from it, CES was still packed with several impressive Ultra HD TV models set for release throughout the year. Higher resolutions will always draw attention, but continued advancements in precision dimming, peak brightness, contrast, and viewing angles, reveal that there’s still plenty of wow factor left in a great 4K display.

After scouring the convention and examining all the latest specs, we’ve put together our picks for the very best new TVs revealed at the show. From 8K LCDs to unique vertical TVs, our selections emphasize a variety of factors — including image performance, design style, and potential value. On that note, pricing and exact release dates are still forthcoming for most of the models unveiled so far. That said, all of the TVs we’ve highlighted are expected to be available for purchase in 2020.   

Here are the best TVs from CES 2020:

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TVSony XBR Z8H 8K TVTCL 8-Series 8K TVVizio 4K SmartCast OLED TVLG GX Gallery Series 4K OLED TVSamsung Sero 4K TV

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