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Review: SE P990i – A unique smartphone

Sony Ericsson
was one of the first smartphone pioneers.
Their first true smartphone P800 (we will not count Ericsson
R380  which was not able to run 3rd

party applications) was a big success followed by P900 and later P910. Before
Windows mobile devices emerged they had some sort of a cult status among power


New P990 which was released in August 2006 in Europe
was one of the most anticipated mobile devices up to date. It was scheduled to
come out at the end of 2005 but it was delayed many times. This device was made
to satisfy techno geeks. It supports 3G networks, have 320×240 QVGA
touchscreen, 2 Megapixel camera with autofocus, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b and runs on
the UIQ 3 version of the Symbian OS. P9x0 fanatics have waited a long time for
this baby to show up. Does it meet their expectations? Well let’s find out.

It measures 114 x 57 x 26 millimeters with flip and without
it has thickness of 21 mm. It weights 155 g. It is powered by ARM9-based
Philips Nexperia PNX4008 application processor in 90-nm CMOS technology,
running at 208 MHz. It
inherited more-less same looks like its predecessors P900 and P910. Only the
first difference between P910 and P990 is that the latest one has QWERTY
keyboard on its body instead of having it on a flip. The flip can be easily
removed (like on the previous models).  

Traditionally on the left side of the
phone there is a jog dial, only in this case it has only 3 positions, scroll
up, scroll down and press (instead of 5). Play button is next to it which
obviously serves to play music and radio but you can customize it to use with
other functions as well according to your needs, up to some level.


Also on that side there are back button and also lock/unlock
button which is the smartest (and the simplest) way to lock/unlock keypad on
the smartphones I’ve seen so far.

On the right side there is Memory Stick Pro Duo slot for
Sony’s memory cards, internet and camera button.


On the back side of the phone you van find camera,
loudspeakers and external antenna connector.

When you power on the phone you have the option to choose
between normal operation mode, with GSM antenna and WIFI on and the airplane
mode which switches the radios off. Wait a few moments and: – Voila, new
Symbian 9.1 UIQ 3.0 version shows up. Immediately you notice the cosmetic and
functional changes in UIQ 3.0 version.

The most functional change thanks to UIQ 3.0 is that now you
can run the applications now in flip open or closed mode. Menu appearance is
now animated with transitions effects which are cool but it slows down to some
extent browsing through the menus.

It is much easier now to operate device with one hand then
its predecessor. You can virtually do almost everything in flip closed mode and
with one hand.

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